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Brochure for International Students

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Shaanxi College of Communication Technology(SCCT) is a public higher vocational and National High-quality Vocational College Construction Unit, the First-class Vocational College and an Outstanding Exemplary Vocational College in Shaanxi Province. The mission of the college is to train high-quality technical and skilled personnel, since its establishment 70 years ago.

 The college is located in Xian ,the ancient capital of China. Currently, the college includes ten teaching units, 43 full-time vocational programs, and 40 adult education programs.

 Till now, the college has established the friendly cooperative and exchange relationship with schools and enterprises in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea.

Admission and enrollment

1. Non-Chinese nationality

2. In good health and no criminal record

3. Have high school graduation certificate

4. Have good family financial status to support living and travelling expenses during study period

5. HSK3 level in Chinese

Recruit Majors

Road and bridge engineering technology

Engineering surveying technique

Hotel management

Logistics management

The electronic commerce

Major Introduction

Road and bridge engineering technology education for 3 years

Training objectives: For road and bridge design and management professional technical positions of engineering construction and management in the transportation industry, it aims to cultivate high-quality technical talents with strong professional basic skills who are qualified for highway survey and design, highway bridge and culvert design, road and bridge construction and other professional technical positions in highway construction and management enterprises.

Core courses:Engineering survey, engineering drawing and CAD, applied mechanics, road building materials, road and bridge BIM technology, structure, design principle, design of highway survey, road engineering, bridge engineering, engineering geology, foundation and foundation engineering, design of highway Bridges, highway construction organization and budget, project bidding and contract management, etc.

Engineering surveying technology for 3 years

Training objective:This major is mainly oriented to basic surveying and mapping, urban construction, building construction, municipal engineering, urban rail transit, spatial data collection and processing, urban construction planning and other industries. It aims to cultivate students engaged in basic surveying and mapping geographic information data collection, smart city 3D modeling, intelligent surveying and mapping of construction engineering, engineering deformation monitoring. Capable of surveying and mapping technology application and management of high-quality composite technical skills.

Core courses:Geodesy, surveying and mapping CAD, database, geographic information system, uav photogrammetry technology, development and application of digital mapping technology, mobile GIS, GNSS positioning measurement, control, measurement technology, digital city 3 d modeling technology, precise engineering surveying, aerial drones technology, laser point cloud three-dimensional modeling, assembly and debugging of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), etc.

Hotel Management major lasts 3 years

Training objectives: training with solid basic knowledge of hotel and tourism management, master the modern hotel service and management skills, have good manners quality, professional ethics and strong ability of modern hotel public relations and marketing, "can speak English, can operate, understand management," the sustainable development ability strong technical skilled high-end hotel service management talent.

Core courses and training projects: Supervisors and foremen practice, front desk and room service, food and beverage management, hotel meeting service and management, recreational services and management, hotel services and management, mandarin oral communication safety control and management, hotel English, tourism English, banquet theme design, beverage, service skills, the tea service of hotel management, hotel regulations and law practice, the hotel marketing and public relations, Hotel service etiquette training, form, food hygiene and nutrition, general situation of inbound tourists, the hotel management information system, comprehensive etiquette training, the tour guide service skills training, front desk and guest room training, food and beverage service skill training, hotel meeting service skills training, supervisors and foremen practice training and beverage service skill training and recreational services and management practice, innovation, entrepreneurship training, office since Dynamic training, hotel on-the-job training, etc.

Logistics management education for 3 years

Training objective: To cultivate high-quality skilled talents capable of comprehensive logistics system planning, transportation, storage, distribution, information management and other strong practical operation.

Core courses and training projects: logistics technology foundation, transportation organization technology, logistics distribution management, logistics system planning and other courses and design, warehousing training, transportation and distribution training, logistics integrated training and other training projects.

Electronic commerce education for 3 years

Training objective: To cultivate high-quality skilled talents who master e-commerce principles and technology, marketing management and other knowledge, and skillfully use Internet to participate in the application of international and domestic e-commerce.

Core courses and training projects: Introduction to e-commerce, e-commerce settlement and payment, network marketing, computer network, network security and other courses, web page production training, computer network and disassembly training, e-commerce comprehensive training and other practical training projects.

Fees for  Teaching(In CNY)

Tuition fee: 8000 RMB per year.

Accommodation fees: Quad room 2000 RMB per year, triple room 3000 RMB per year.

Cost of teaching materials: 500 RMB per year.(According to the actual situation)

Insurance premium: 800 RMB per year.

Medical examination: 500 RMB per year.

Application and Enrollment

 Please email the following application material to 381508448@qq.com and all documents must be scanned and converted into PDF format.

1. Admission application form(must be signed by hand before scanning).

2. High school graduation certificates.

3. Copies of notarized academic transcripts.

4. Photocopies of the foreigners physical examination form, The period of validity of physical examination in 6 months.

5. Photocopies of passport.

6. No crime certificate(issued by local police, security, court, etc).

7. Scanned copy of HSK Level 3 certificate


 ADD: No 19 Wenjing Road, Weiyang District, Xian, Shaanxi Province, China

 TEL: 0086-29-86405485

 Email: 381508448@qq.com

 Website: /gjjlxy/gjjl.htm

ADD: No 19 Wenjing Road, Weiyang District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China

TEL: 0086-29-86405485

Email: 412460571@qq.com

Website: /gjjlxy/gjjl.htm

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